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Fixing the K750i Joystick

Taking a K750 apart

I own a K750i, it is a very good phone with a lot of nice features but the only problem with it is its joystick.

The joystick on my phone stopped working correctly 2 weeks ago, I can press it down or press it to the left and I can also select with it but it wont press upwards or to the right side so today I googled for a fix to this problem and found one.

You will need:

  • An Electronic contact cleaner.
  • A tiny T-7 torx screwdriver

First of all take your phone apart, then take the joystick and start spraying it with the contact cleaner. (don’t worry apparently it doesn’t mess it up) Wait for a while for the joystick to dry and put everything back together.

Your phone joystick should be responsive again. if it’s not just get it repaired somewhere :P .

I am going to try this on Thursday since I have a day off, I just need to find an Electronic contact cleaner before, any idea who might sell them in Lebanon?

For more info check the original tutorial here.

Be careful when messing around with the insides of your phone, you could easily damage it. If you do you can only blame yourself, don’t do it if you can’t do it!

Thanks for the people in the forums mentioned above who tried the procedure and posted the pictures.

Here’s were you should spray the contact cleaner
How to clean a K750 joystick