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Review: PC and Parts

Logo of PCandParts.comPC and Parts is a Lebanese online PC store. On the web-site they claim to be the first Lebanese online store but I can’t verify that.

I am going to review the site first and then the customer service.

The website is organized and easy to browse, it is updated regularly with new products and price changes, the only problem with it is that it looks like a 1990s website on some pages.

One feature the website is missing is a search box, since it is organized you don’t spend too much time looking for the product you want but a search box will make life much easier for the visitors.

I bought 5 products from the site, you have the option to call or email them, I always emailed them. I never ordered in the first email but asked question about the products, they always answered my questions, sometimes even guiding me to a better product. When you finaly place your order you get an email asking you to confirm everything, they also ask you for your address. Aramex delivers the packages and takes the money, this is good, but the only problem is that the delivery time is between 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM so you can’t make plans for half a day because you don’t know when your order will arrive.

The products are good and the prices are usually better then the ones you can find at normal stores. The Items priced at over 20$ come with a one year warranty, but I once got a USB PCI card for 7$ that didn’t work correctly (worked OK during the first 10 days, after that whenever I plugged anything to it, it would work for 10 minutes then fail) so I recommend you only get the products that are covered by a warranty from them.

My final score will be a 4/5.