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Ipod Touch vs SE W960

Ipod TouchSony Ericsson W960Before Steeve Jobs announced the launch of the Ipod Touch I was going to get the SE W960, now I am lost!

The Ipod Touch is an Ipod with more features, The SE W960 is a phone with more features.
BUT apparently the SE is going to have a very high price while the Ipod is at 300$ so I could get the Ipod for music and WiFi and keep my phone for calling and taking some photos.

I contacted Interlink (Apple dealers) and they told me the Ipod touch will be here in 4 weeks, The SE dealers told me the W960 will be here at the end of October so I still have time to decide but I think that what will affect my final decision is the price of the SE, if it’s under 600$ I might get it, if not I will be getting the Ipod and maybe a new cell because this one is getting old (but its still good so I might just keep it)

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Yeah I guess + I’ve been reading some forums, they are saying that now that the Iphone is priced at 399$ the SE960 doesn’t have to be expensive to be able to compete with it. (but we don’t have Iphone in Lebanon so I don’t know if that might affect us).
I am gonna send a mail to SE asking about the SE950 price in Leb, coz ur right the 960 shouldn’t cost a lot more!

I can’t see the problem! One is a phone, the other one is an ipod. If you want a phone buy the Ericsson, if you want an MP3 player buy the ipod!!!
Rocket Science and all that!

Actually what I want is a good device with wifi.
As I already said if the SE is within my price range i’ll buy it since it has everything in it, if not I’ll keep my phone and get the ipod

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