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Iraqi Blogs

The BBC has a nice article with a list of Iraqi Bloggers, reading the blogs on that list is really interesting, bloggers talk about how they are living in Iraq and you understand the problems they are facing a lot better.

In the list there is a blog for a guy called Nabil, he is an Iraqi who now moved to Jordan. Before moving the street he was living in was invaded by Al Qaeda!! Reading his description of life in Iraq makes you wonder how some people are still living there! In one of his posts he talks about a “funny” story that happened to him, he almost got hit by a bullet while he was playing his guitar, the “funny” thing is that the bullet entered his room the second he said: “Now I’ve been happy lately,”!! (he was recording himself so you can actually here it happen!!)

I hope Iraqis get to live in peace soon, a couple of outsiders are fighting a war in Iraq and they are the victims of it!