Israel produces 1TB discs

While we were busy fighting over who gets more seats in the government and making every person with some brains leave this country, Israeli scientist managed to create a 1TB disc that has the same size of a regular DVD but that stores data on 200 layers of 5GB, to read those disc you need a red laser (BlueRay and HDDVD both use blue lasers) so the technology shouldn’t be very expensive but:
-Do we need a disc that can store 1000GB of data?!
-Will those discs ever get to Lebanon? (I think they will, just like the laser keyboard made in Israel and the new Intel chips made in Israel)

One reply on “Israel produces 1TB discs”

the first question. whether we need a 1024* GB HD is in its place, for now we don’t need it, for the future it will be needed.
as for the second question, yes, it will reach lebanon, this is an Israeli
technology, but the discs can be manufactured anywhere.

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