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One Milk Carton, Two expiry dates!

Yesterday morning I wanted to eat a cup of Corn Flakes with milk, I checked the fridge to see if we have milk and found a “Taanayel Les Fermes” milk carton, during the summer we don’t drink a lot of milk here so I checked the expiry date and well I couldn’t tell if it was expired or not! If I read the English part, well the milk expired 5 days ago but the Arabic part gives the milk 4 more days!

Taanayel Les fermes Milk Carton

Taanayel Les fermes Milk CartonI ended up drinking the milk since it’s a UHT sterilized milk so a couple of days added to the 6 months if the English date is true is not a big problem but I threw the rest of the carton since it is expired anyways and we won’t be drinking from it soon.