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“Civilians” left Nahr L Bared

Today the wifes and children of the Fath L Islam terrorists left the Nahr L Bared camp and are under the Lebanese Army’s custody, I don’t know if this should have been accepted by the Lebanese Army, housing and helping terrorists makes you a terrorist. I am afraid Fath L Islam only did this to have more food for the remaining days, and that this will enable them to last longer.

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Those women and children shouldn’t be inside in the first place, this war shouldn’t be happening. BUT
If the terrorist cared so much about the wifes and kids, don’t you think they would have left them go before??
Fath L Islam have been fighting the Army for 4 months now, they bombed the civilians in the villages near the camp, so if the families of the terrorists leaving = more death for the Lebanese army and more death and destruction for the villages around the camp, and knowing that they don’t care about their lives in the first place, Yeah I would prefer if they stayed, for me Lebanese civilians and members of the Lebanese army are more important then the families of the people killing them!

First of all, these people are not the families of the terrorists. These are people who live in the camp. [most of the members of Fateh el-Islam are foreigners, saudi and whatnot, very few are palestinians]
They had nothing, whatsoever to do with it, except that they are miserable enough to had to live in a refugee camp, and then get caught up in a conflict that they have no interest in.
Second of all, they will end up being used as human shields for the Fateh al-islam, I’m not sure how that will help the army.

And, for crying out loud, consider it a war, not even the most belligerent and vicious powers would publicly call to massacre civilians.

What are you talking about??? The refugees left when the battle started the only remaining “civilians” are the wifes and childrens of the fighter! the Lebanese army have been calling for their evacuation for weeks now and they didn’t want to go! I am just wondering why did they go now?? what changed? are they afraid they will die, I doubt it coz those people think that they are fighting for Islam or to free Palestine (from north Lebanon) or whatever and that if they die they will go to heaven so why the sudden love for the families and for human lives!! I just think this is part of a plan to last longer and kill more soldiers and Lebanese civilians living around the camp!

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