Internet Lebanon

ADSL in Lebanon

I wanted to check and compare the ADSL prices between different ISPs in Lebanon but apparently they all have the same prices:

  • 24$ for 128kbps up/32kbps down, 2GB monthly bandwidth
  • 34$ for 256kbps up/64kbps down, 3GB monthly bandwidth
  • 47$ for 512kbps up/128kbps down, 4GB monthly bandwidth
  • 77$ for 1024kbps up/256kbps down, 5GB monthly bandwidth

The only difference between ISPs is the size of the mailboxes you get with your account, and a few dollars between modems available, Terranet offers to double your speed from 8pm to 8am but adds “Free Double Speed Feature is subject to feasibility study.” so I don’t know if you can get a doubled speed at night.

I also doubt that the monthly limit is enough now that people watch a lot of videos and download a lot of media from the internet.