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Weapons for Money

Apparently in Orlando they have a day to let people turn in weapons they have in exchange for money or sneakers with no question asked, so yesterday a guy turned in a surface to air missile!

They should do that in Lebanon! we all know a lot of people have illegal weapons so a day like this one could help us get rid of the weapons people have at home, but the problem is that with the current political instability more people are looking for guns! So the first thing they should do is lower the tension in the street, and I am sure people will be glad to turn in illegal weapons and live in peace afterward.


2 replies on “Weapons for Money”

Actually i think Lebanese would rather sell them to the government instead of giving them away. It’s the Lebanese mentality actually.
As for that guy, lool they better check his house maybe he found a tank with that missile :P

Maybe they should sell them, the important part is figuring out a way to take the arms from those people and encourage them to give/sell them.

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