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Review: Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me LogoI just finished watching the first season of Dead Like Me, a comedy about a girl who dies when she gets hit by a Toilet seat from the re-entering Russian space station Mir.

This lucky girl is Georgia (George) Lass, a Teenager who just dropped out of college and on the first day on a job she hates, but death is a little special for that girl who unlike other person won’t go through the “normal process” of dying, instead she will be recruited to become a Grim Reaper, a job she also hates, and that’s not it, she also has to get a normal job because Grim Reapers do not get an income from that job.

I liked watching the show, it’s different from other TV series, you don’t get a lot of action but you don’t get bored watching it, every character has a different background and a different personality and all of them have to cope with each others to get the jobs done, a job that could last for decade with no breaks and no vacations.

Dead Like Me Cast

Another thing worth mentioning is the Music, it is very well chosen for every part of the series, a little unusual sometimes but always nice.

My score for this series will be 3.5/5, because even if you don’t get bored by the story, some episodes need a little more action in my opinion.

Note that MGM is currently working on a Direct-to-DVD Movie sequel of Dead Like Me.

Rating Dead Like Me