Hello World!

Hello World!

Finally my blog is online!! Why finally? Well because I’ve been planning to do this for a month and I kept postponing it due to exams, sickness, work and… some laziness to be honest.

But now it’s finally here and it still needs a lot of work so here’s my TO DO list for the days to come:

  • Get a good looking theme and install it.
  • Install all the plugins I will use.
  • Start promoting my Blog.

For those who don’t know me, I am not really new to all this, I am the Administrator of so I know how to work with wordpress, this is just the first time I install it (not really, Godaddy App Manager did the job for me) since a friend is hosting Exoleb for me.

So I hope to see you around!

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hey Elie we all know you are a genius in stuff related to the computer so thats amazing really. WAWW cong and good luck for now and for your hall life …..(Bass rou2 3layna sinit l jeyy wa 2illa min chekk 3ala rasna he he he) hope u like that..

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