Internet Lebanon

The Internet is Back

In Lebanon you can’t have decent internet, it’s either an over priced modem connection, a bandwidth Limited ADSL connection (that didn’t reach my area yet) or a not very legal (nor illegal) Cable connection depending on the region, I picked the 3rd option, so I have a 256K connection with unlimited bandwidth.
What’s bad in this connection is that it is not very stable, usually they manage to make it work 24 hours a day, but sometimes it just disconnects for an unspecified period of time, for example yesterday at midnight it disconnected and it just came back 10 minutes ago (18 hours!), but that’s the best we can currently get here, so I just have to live with it!

Lebanon Politics

Hezbollah in Canada!

Apparently not all Lebanese go to Canada to escape politicians, in fact some of them decided to even put up posters of the opposition in Windsor, so now Canadians can also enjoy the sight of Hassan Nassrallah surrounded by Michel Aoun, Emile Lahoud, Salim El Hoss and L Istiz Nabih Berry!

Opposition in Canada