Review: Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me LogoI just finished watching the first season of Dead Like Me, a comedy about a girl who dies when she gets hit by a Toilet seat from the re-entering Russian space station Mir.

This lucky girl is Georgia (George) Lass, a Teenager who just dropped out of college and on the first day on a job she hates, but death is a little special for that girl who unlike other person won’t go through the “normal process” of dying, instead she will be recruited to become a Grim Reaper, a job she also hates, and that’s not it, she also has to get a normal job because Grim Reapers do not get an income from that job.

I liked watching the show, it’s different from other TV series, you don’t get a lot of action but you don’t get bored watching it, every character has a different background and a different personality and all of them have to cope with each others to get the jobs done, a job that could last for decade with no breaks and no vacations.

Dead Like Me Cast

Another thing worth mentioning is the Music, it is very well chosen for every part of the series, a little unusual sometimes but always nice.

My score for this series will be 3.5/5, because even if you don’t get bored by the story, some episodes need a little more action in my opinion.

Note that MGM is currently working on a Direct-to-DVD Movie sequel of Dead Like Me.

Rating Dead Like Me

Caramel Trailer

In case you haven’t watched it yet here’s the Trailer of the first film of Nadine Labaki called Caramel, Everyone is saying the movie is great so I am planning to watch it next week.

Here’s the plot summary:

A romantic comedy centered on the daily lives of five Lebanese women going in Beirut.

Layal (Nadine Labaki) works in a beauty salon in Beirut along with 3 other women. Each one has a problem: Layal has a relationship with a married man, Nisrine will marry to a muslim, Rima is lesbian and Jamal is worried about getting old.

and here’s the trailer from YouTube.

What Materazzi said to Zidane

We all remember the headbutt Zidane did to Materazzi in last year’s world cup final, back then we didn’t know why he did it, but now we do! Materazzi revealed what happened to an Italian Magazine and here’s the story:

During the game Materazzi gripped Zidane’s T-shirt for a moment, so Zidane told him that if he wanted it that much he would give it to him after the Match so Materazzi replied: “I prefer the whore that is your sister,” and you know the rest!

Zidanne Materazzi

Free Download Manager and Vista

Before buying a new PC with Vista I used Free Download Manager to manage my downloads, it’s easy to use, has many great features, including one that lets you specify a download speed for a file so you can surf on the remaining bandwidth, when I got vista I went to FDM forums and found out that the stable versions is working with Vista on some system and isn’t on others, so I decided to test for myself.

FDM works with Vista, it does what it is supposed to do, but it has some problems, the first one is that when you start it, it shows an error that says: “Error in download groups”, this error is annoying when you set FDM to start with windows and you start to receive errors on your brand new system!

Free Download Manager Error

The other error is an “application” to the previous one, that’s where you see the error in the download groups, so when you want to add a download and choose a group for it you get 2 weird characters at the end of the group’s folder, for example if the default group folder is: C:\Downloads, you’ll get C:\Downloads\Ẳ-, so you’d have to correct the folder every time you want to add a download and that’s a little annoying, so currently I am waiting for the release of FDM 2.3, hopping these bugs will be fixed in it, meanwhile, I still use FDM for my downloads but now I just start it when I want to download something and not when Windows starts.

Sonos BU130 Digital Music System Bundle

I was reading some news when I saw the ad of a system that can stream music to all the room of my house, that’s not the first time I see an ad of a similar product but this time I decided to check it out and take the tour that’s on the Sonos site, and I like it!!

Sonos BU130 Digital Music System Bundle

The system comes in a package containing the main elements: a Remote, and 2 players.
For it to work you must connect one of the players to your router using an Ethernet port and install a software on your PC, after that you can add as much players as you want in all the rooms of your house, and you control all this by the remote, so you can choose the songs you want to play in every room from it, you can even connect to internet radios and music services from the remote and select a song for each player to play or play the same songs everywhere.

Sonos BU130 Digital Music System Bundle

There are 2 kinds of players, one with an amplifier that needs speakers, and one you can connect to an existing home theater, and all the players connect with each others wirelessly so you don’t have to worry about running cables in your house.

Sonos BU130 Digital Music System Bundle

I really liked this System, it’s for 999$ but that’s not a very high price when you think about what you are getting so I would definitely recommend it specially when the reviews about it I read on the net are all good!

Lebanese Army using Hawker Hunters?

I just heard the LBC reporter in Nahr El Bared saying the Army might use Hawker Hunter aircraft to bomb the terrorists!

Hawker Hunter

The army has Hawker Hunter from the 60s, the last time they used them was in the Aoun Era (Video) but apparently they can still be used, so I hope the use of these aircrafts will make the operation easier for the Lebanese Army so they can finish the job sooner with less casualties.


I just read this at the army official site:

– صدر عن قيادة الجيش- مديرية التوجيه البيان التالي: اعتباراً من 17/8/2007 ولغاية 19/8/2007 ضمناً، ما بين الساعة 20.00 والساعة 24.00 من كل يوم، ستقوم القوات الجوية اللبنانية بتنفيذ طيران ليلي، بين قاعدتي بيروت ورياق الجويتين، وضمن حلقة المطار فوق القاعدتين المذكورتين.

and I am currently hearing jet planes (not Helicopters) flying overhead so I doubt the army is training with Boeings or Airbuses so those must be the Hawker Hunters practicing!!

The Sawfar Bridge

Sawfar Bridge Destroyed

The Sawfar bridge on the road leading to the Bekaa valley was the Highest bridge in the Middle East, that was until Israel bombed it during last year’s war, the bridge was bombed twice, the first strike only made wholes in the bridge making it unusable for cars, but that wasn’t enough for Israel, unlike they said they did not to only want to cut the communication routes of Hezbollah, they wanted to destroy Lebanon, so they made a second hit which practically destroyed the whole bridge foundation and made it fall.

Sawfar Bridge Destroyed

After the war was over the USA promised to rebuild the bridge, but as you can see in these pictures they did not even start yet, so where is all the help the USA promissed us? When every country announced what they were going to rebuild, the media pointed that the USA chose to build the most expensive bridge and Iran took care of the small inexpensive ones, now every day we see on the News a bridge re-build by Iran being opened to the Public, but the construction on the bridge the USA promissed to rebuild did not even start yet! So is Iran better than the USA? The USA needs to fix its Public Relations in the Middle East if they really want to stop the extension of Iran!!

The CD turns 25!

CDThe CD is now 25 years old!! Yep on the 17 August in 1982 the first discs were pressed in the Phillips factory in Germany, back then it was a technological miracle, they were now able to store high quality music on discs, 25 years latter the CDs are now starting to be forgotten, most of our music is downloaded from the Internet and most of the games and softwares we buy are too big to fit on CDs so they come on DVDs instead, so how longer do you think the CD is going to last?? I guess in 10 years the CD will be totally forgotten.

Zahle Statue


Zahle Statue

Two days ago I went with my family to Zahle and on the entrance of Zahle I saw a statue of a women, I took a photo of the statue searched for what it symbolizes, I found a site about Zahle with these info:

Wine And Arak

Zahle’s association with the grape is pervasive, for it lies at the heart of an area that has been making wine since early antiquity. At the city’s southern entrance the statue of a graceful female personifies wine and poetry, but you don’t have to look far to see evidence of the real thing. The hills north of town with names like Wadi Hadi, Harqat, Bir Ghazour and Tell Zeina are covered with the neat rows of vineyards that supply Zahle’s wine and arak industries.
Many of the wines have been formally recognized abroad for their fine quality – equal to some of the best in Europe.

A tour of Zahle’s Ksara winery is a good way to see how wine and arak are made. Of special interest here are the extensive underground caves built around a natural grotto known and enlarged by the Romans.

Zahle is a great city, I invite you to visit someday, it has everything in it, a river with restaurants around it so you can enjoy the view while dining and a lot of known shops so you can shop in its streets.

Lebanese Air Force Bombing Terrorists

Wednesday Annahar newspaper showed a picture of an LAF helicopter bombing Fath L Islam positions in Nahr L Bared Palestinians refugee terrorists camp, sadly I heard that the bombs the LAF is using are launched from Lebanese made launchers because the countries that “are helping us” fight terrorism help us in a really weird special way, apparently to fight terrorism you need helicopters without missile launchers (UAE removed the launchers before sending the Helicopters) and if things get complicated we get some ammunition, new equipment and heavy arms are something we don’t need to fight terrorism apparently.

The US only makes promises and rarely delivers, it’s still better then other countries who never deliver, but I guess it’s not entirely there fault, let’s face it we will never get decent equipement just from help, we need to buy new stuff from any country that is ready to sell us and it’s the government’s job to find those countries and buy ammunitions.

Anyways in spite of all this the army is fighting and exterminating those terrorists and here’s the picture from Annahar newspaper taken by Michel 7allak.

Lebanese Air Force