The Phoenix v/s The Cedar

The Cedars of Lebanon

People use two symbols for Lebanon, The Cedars that lives thousands of years and survives everything that comes in its way without leaning and the phoenix a mythical bird that regenerates from its own aches after it dies.

We have two symbols, but for some reason we forgot the first one. All we do is destroy our country, or have somebody destroy us every couple of years, then we regenerate from our aches only to restart the loop later on. What is wrong with us!? Why can’t we be more like the cedar, why can’t we just have a normal life! Why do we think that being destroyed is good because we will re-rise eventually?

What differentiate the cedar from the other trees is that it is able to live for thousands of years and that’s what made it so special, that’s why we chose it for our flag, we didn’t choose a pine tree or an apple tree because those trees live for a while and then die!

Let’s be a cedar and stop being a phoenix because there is nothing special or great about dying every once in a while!

Microsoft’s new Zunes

Microsoft new Zunes

Today Microsoft introduced the new Zunes MP3 Players, The new series includes Flash Based ones and HDD based one having 4, 8 and 80GB of storage.

What’s great about the new ones is the features Microsoft introduced that are apparently appreciated by everyone! Microsoft Fans got the offensive back on Digg, Endgadget and other sites, and are now “attacking” Apple Fans for the lack of features in the devices Apple offers! The fact that Microsoft is giving all the owners of old Zunes the chance to upgrade to the latest software and have old ones running the same software as the new ones also gave Microsoft a great boost!

More info about the latest Zunes Here.

Deir Al Qamar Surrounded by Fires

I just turned on the TV to find that Deir Al Qamar is currently surrounded by fires!

They are showing images on LBCI of burned trees and burning forests! apparently the village is surrounded and the firefighters are not managing to control the fires due to the lack of waters and vehicules, the army helicopter won’t help because of the wind. The fire started to reach some homes (they showed 2 burned cars and said 4 homes were damaged), the only help they got is from the Damour fiirefighters but they just asked for more help on TV!

Apparently 32 fires are currently burning in Lebanon (mainly the north and the mountains) because of the weather so this might explain why they can’t send other firefighters to help, but something has to be done! if the fire did so much damage in one night what will happen if it continues? Deir Al Qamar is one of the few remaining regions with forests in it, They can’t let it burn like this!

UPDATE : They just called a reporter in Rechmaya (that’s on the other side of the mountain!) the fire is spread in all the Chouf and is destroying everything! Trees in the hills around Rechmaya just started to grow back after a huge fire some years ago! I hope the fire didn’t destroy everything

UPDATE 2 : Lebanon is burning!! it is not confined to the Chouf Aley region, he just said the names of the villages that have fires and it’s everywhere!!!

They are asking people with Water Trucks to head to the nearest firefighters station to offer help and are making international calls to get help.

Here’s a list of villages with fires around them (Those are not the only ones, those are just the ones I managed to write down) :

  • Choueir
  • A3kour A friend living there told us there is no fire at her village!
  • Beit Mery
  • Rechmaya
  • Deir Al Qamar
  • Kbayat
  • 3azn2it (Big Fire)
  • Kfarzayna
  • Sir
  • Forza
  • B2arssouna
  • Rachaya

Fixing the K750i Joystick

Taking a K750 apart

I own a K750i, it is a very good phone with a lot of nice features but the only problem with it is its joystick.

The joystick on my phone stopped working correctly 2 weeks ago, I can press it down or press it to the left and I can also select with it but it wont press upwards or to the right side so today I googled for a fix to this problem and found one.

You will need:

  • An Electronic contact cleaner.
  • A tiny T-7 torx screwdriver

First of all take your phone apart, then take the joystick and start spraying it with the contact cleaner. (don’t worry apparently it doesn’t mess it up) Wait for a while for the joystick to dry and put everything back together.

Your phone joystick should be responsive again. if it’s not just get it repaired somewhere :P .

I am going to try this on Thursday since I have a day off, I just need to find an Electronic contact cleaner before, any idea who might sell them in Lebanon?

For more info check the original tutorial here.

Be careful when messing around with the insides of your phone, you could easily damage it. If you do you can only blame yourself, don’t do it if you can’t do it!

Thanks for the people in the forums mentioned above who tried the procedure and posted the pictures.

Here’s were you should spray the contact cleaner
How to clean a K750 joystick

Review: PC and Parts

Logo of PCandParts.comPC and Parts is a Lebanese online PC store. On the web-site they claim to be the first Lebanese online store but I can’t verify that.

I am going to review the site first and then the customer service.

The website is organized and easy to browse, it is updated regularly with new products and price changes, the only problem with it is that it looks like a 1990s website on some pages.

One feature the website is missing is a search box, since it is organized you don’t spend too much time looking for the product you want but a search box will make life much easier for the visitors.

I bought 5 products from the site, you have the option to call or email them, I always emailed them. I never ordered in the first email but asked question about the products, they always answered my questions, sometimes even guiding me to a better product. When you finaly place your order you get an email asking you to confirm everything, they also ask you for your address. Aramex delivers the packages and takes the money, this is good, but the only problem is that the delivery time is between 9:30 AM and 2:30 PM so you can’t make plans for half a day because you don’t know when your order will arrive.

The products are good and the prices are usually better then the ones you can find at normal stores. The Items priced at over 20$ come with a one year warranty, but I once got a USB PCI card for 7$ that didn’t work correctly (worked OK during the first 10 days, after that whenever I plugged anything to it, it would work for 10 minutes then fail) so I recommend you only get the products that are covered by a warranty from them.

My final score will be a 4/5.

Light a Candle for Charles Chikhani

Tonight on Kalem L Neiss Marcel Ghanem read a Fax sent from the Chikhani Family inviting people to gather on Wednesday, the 3rd of october at 8 PM in front of Biel, to march with candles to the “Place de L’Etoile” in memory of Charles Chikhani. I’ll try to go and invite everyone to join the family of Charles on that day.

Before starting the show they showed a report about the victims of the explosion, during the report Charle’s Brother spoke about Lebanon, the Lebanese and the politicians, and I have to say I completely agree with him!

Charles Chikhni


Added by Lea Chikhani:

La marche de Charles Chikhani

C’est l’appel d’un peuple blessé
Refusant l’absence du fils
Refusant la souffrance de la mère
S’exprimant en silence
Tous de blanc vêtus
Une bougie à la main
Le mercredi 3 octobre a 20h
Du BIEL à la Place de l’Etoile
Participez à la Marche de Charles Chikhani
Ou éclairez vos fenêtres d’une bougie

The rally of Charles Chikhani

Is a wounded people’s call
Crying out in silence
Refusing the loss of a son
Refusing the suffering of a mother
Inviting us to light a candle
All dressed in white
On Wednesday October 3rd at 8 p.m.
From BIEL to Parliament Square
Come and join the walk of Charles Chikhani
Or light a candle at your window

مسيرة شارل شيخاني


مسيرة شعب مجروح
قرر يعبّر بصمت
يرفض غياب الإبن
يرفض عذاب الام
مشّي نضوّي شمعة بالقميص البيضا
يوم الاربعاء ٣ تشرين الأول الساعة الثامنة مسا
إلى ساحة النجمة BIEL من ال
شارك معنا بمسيرة شارل شيخاني
أو ضوّي شمعة عالشباك