Alfa 3G coverage map and other info


Here’s a scan of the flyer I got with my Alfa 3G line. In the second page you can see the different regions in Lebanon that will be covered by 3G in the testing phase.

I got an Alfa 3G SIM card!


Today I attended the SMW Beirut event at the Mar Roukoz campus of USJ. During the event the minister of telecommunication launched the 3G service in Lebanon on a limited bases just for testing. At the end of the conference a draw was made to select 25 students from each mobile operator to test the service and I got lucky and received a SIM card from Alfa!. In total 4000 users will test it, 25% will be students and the others will be randomly selected from the population.

So for the next month I will be testing 3G in Lebanon and updating you guys here and on Twitter (@eliedh).

I have a 3GB data cap on the service and I according to the flyer I should expect speeds up to 21.1 Mbps.

The person distributing the SIM cards at the end of the conference told us that the 3G will start working tomorrow. I already placed the SIM card in an HTC Mozart phone (running windows phone 7). I got a 3G signal and I was able to call it from my other line but the internet did not work. I’ll try it later tonight on an HTC Hero (running android).

During this month I’ll try to test the connection on as many devices as I can and use as many services as I can.

Here’s a list of the devices I plan to test on (I have the devices marked in bold and can get quick access to the others):

  • HTC Hero
  • HTC Mozart
  • Nokia N8
  • Nokia C7
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad 3G
  • LG Arena
  • LG GD900 Crystal
  • Sony Ericsson Z610
  • Nokia E72
  • Samsung Ace
  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Samsung Wave

Note that I did not check if all the devices support the technology used by Alfa so I’ll check before testing each one. I’ll also try to use the tethering option on devices that support it. In addition to that I might get a USB dongle to test it on my Macbook pro and on my windows laptop.

The services I use on a daily basis on my mobile are the following: Whatsapp, Foursquare, Twitter, Facebook. During the testing period I’ll try to stream some videos to the mobile phones and perform a speed/ping test on every device/region. If I get the chance I will also try to place a Video call (but during the conference I heard that it does not work yet so I’m not sure about it).

I hope the service works correctly and that we can finally have decent internet in Lebanon, I’ll make sure to inform Alfa about any problem I might encounter since this is a testing period and hopefully 3G will be available to everyone soon.

If you have any suggestions or questions please share them in the comments.

Lady Gaga new album banned in Lebanon


According to Lebanese authorities banned the new lady gaga album in Lebanon “because it harms Christianity”. That will surely help because you know everyone buys music legally on CDs in Lebanon…

My cell phones


I got my first phone when I was 15, a Nokia 3410, the phone was amazing at the time, it could download java games, had wap and could play polyphonic ringtones.

2 years later the phone stopped working, I wasn’t doing great in school back then so my parents didn’t want to get me a phone I would “like” so instead they got me a Nokia 2100, I hated this phone! my old one could do more stuff! this one didn’t even have wap!

I kept this phone for a couple of months and I later took my mum’s old phone when she replaced it with a new one, it was a Nokia 8310, it had wap (it even updated a few games from wap!) and could record short voice clips. It wasn’t great but it was better then the 2100!

The 8310 was my last Nokia, when I finally could get a new phone I got the Sony Ericsson K700i. It was my first mobile with a color screen, it had Bluetooth, Internet, Java Games, a Camera, Infrared, and 40 MBs of memory! I remember thinking that I would never need more then 40MBs when I got it! Back then in class, half the phones had bluetooth and the other half only had infrared so we used my phone every time someone wanted to transfer something from a phone that had bluetooth to a phone that only has infrared.

I later got a Sony Ericsson K750i, it had the same features but had a better camera.

My last Sony Ericsson was P1i, it was also my first smart-phone, it had Wi-Fi, a touch-screen, a 3.2MP cam and all the features of the previous phones.

My current, soon to be replaced, phone is an HTC Hero running a 2.1 version of the android OS. It’s a good phone but I am not sure I will be getting another android phone since you never know if the vendor is going to update it or not.

My next phone will probably be an IPhone(5?) or a (Nokia?)WM7 phone…

Medco and the Fuel crisis



Customer care 3al lebneneh

I Want this T-Shirt!


2011, Mubarak, Wikipedia, Google


We live in a world were we can watch events unfold in another country the moment they happen, we can get updates from people on the ground via twitter, facebook…

We got used to all this! Today I was amazed by the fact that wikipedia was updated and google had already cached the new page less then an hour after Mubarak resigned!

If you have nothing to do, read this.


Click to read…

Okay so after having wasted 5 minutes of your which camp do you support?

PS: In case you were wondering how is this kitten picture related to the article. It’s not, but I sometime stop posting for long periods of time and I don’t want to greet my future visitors with a toiler paper roll.



mobile phones outnumber toothbrushes two-to-one.


Lebanese flag



Lebanese flag in Sin El Fil

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