Lebanese Presidency, for sale on eBay!


Have You ever Wanted to become President?

Do you ever have an urge to be Powerfull?

Are you a Lebanese Maronite, over 24….and want to be called “Fakhamit el Ra2is” ?

7a2i2 7elmak halla2….!!!




Santa For President!


The Christmas decoration of the “Play’n Party” toy store in Achrafieh.

 Santa for President, Lebanon

Remembering Gebran Tueni


A lot of events will take place this week to commemorate the death of Gebran Tueni, On Wednesday a prayer will be held at the St Dimitri Church in Achrafieh.

The 2nd Gebran Tueni award will be presented to its winner this sunday from 9:30AM till 12:00PM at Biel Beirut.

In addition to all this many TV shows will be dedicated to Gebran Tueni:

  • Tonight: Kalem L Ness on LBCI @ 9:30PM
  • Nour L Chabab on Tele Lumiere tomorow @ 6:00PM
  • A special show with Jean Aziz @ 9:00, Tuesday on Otv
  • Bi Kol Jor2, Tuesday @ 9:30 on LBCI
  • Al Isti7kak @ 9:30PM on Thursday on FTV

A special Nahar El Shabeb dedicated to Gebran will be available next Thursday.

I Won!!


Today Microsoft was having the first Microsoft Student Festival in my university. The festival is actually a small exposition by some sponsors, followed by a presentation about Microsoft and the future of computers and finally a draw takes place and one student wins a lot of prices! And in USJ that student was me!!! I won!!! :D

In addition to the prizes I won, another student got a free training courses and we all received a bag from Microsoft containing a T-Shirt a Dunkin-Donuts free coffe coupon and a VB.NET 2008 Express CD.

Microsoft Student Festival

 Microsoft Student Festival gifts

Gebran Tueni on Achrafieh


Gebran Tueni is from Achrafieh, he spent a lot of time in it, worked a lot for it, and became its deputy in parliament in 2005. He really loved Achrafieh and the people of Achrafieh loved him too. I remember seeing him in church many times and I remember the way people always approached him and talked to him. I also remember his posters in Achrafieh during his electoral campaign, the joy of the people after he got elected and their sadness on the day he died.

Here’s a Video of Gebran talking about Achrafieh, you can watch it or download it from here (right click – save as).

Christians in March 8 and March 14


The Lebanese people in general are currently tired of their politicians, and since we have no president, the Christians in particular are feeling that the other communities are eating away their rights.

aoun and geageaThe Christians are divided in 2 camps, the first group is in March 8 and the second one in March 14. Both groups want to represent the Christians. They also want to prove to them that they are leaders in their respective camps, that they just don’t take orders from Hariri and Nassrallah. Currently one person is succeeding in that task and the others are failing.

Since the new chapter of the crisis started (No presidential elections) the Christians in March 14 never took a decision alone, we never saw any of them declare steps that will be taken by their camp, On the geagea gemayelcontrary the future movement declared that they will accept a constitutional amendment to elect Michel Sleiman and a lot of news report said that a lot of March 14 Christians didn’t like the fact that they were not informed about that! A lot of March 14 Christian supporters also did not like the fact that Sleiman was going to be our next president and you can clearly see this in many blogs and forums.

March 8 on the other hand gave Aoun the freedom to do whatever he wants even before Day 1 of the new chapter started! Aoun took the initiative and launched his “plan to save aounLebanon” before the day Lahoud was supposed to leave. He did “Christians” talks in Rabieh and published “10 Christians position” with a (Christian) fish as their logo. Hezbollah in the mean time didn’t take any strong position and allowed Aoun to have a lot of Media attention. This didn’t stop some Aounist from saying they will never feel represented without Aoun as president but it did make a lot of them feel happy about what’s happening unlike the March 14 supporters!

That’s not everything, even news reports changed, before the presidential vacuum March 8 was called the “Hezbollah led opposition” now it is called the “Aoun led opposition” so Aoun is now clearly better then Geagea and Gemayel in the eyes of their respective supporters (not the blind ones of course).

Gebran Tueni’s 2005 Editorials


Gebran Tueni EditorialsI found on Naharnet via Google a page containing all of Gebran’s 2005 Editorials (translated to English) starting from the 5th of January to his last Editorial on Syrian Mass Graves from the 8th of December, some links lead to the editorials, others to an article about them, if you get an article scroll down to the end of the page were you will found a link to the complete editorial. Sadly Lebanon doesn’t change a lot so a lot of ideas and opinion written back then still apply today!

Michel Sleiman Picture


There is no good picture of our Army commander and ?future president? on the net so whenever someone wants to write about him, they attach an old picture of him available on the army’s website to the article. I don’t really like the fact that we’re gonna have him as our next president, but since everybody is writing about him here’s a recent High Definition picture of him you can attach to your articles or modify into a caricature.

Michel Sleiman small

Wallpaper: Gebran Tueni’s Oath


Wallpaper: Gebran Tueni’s Oath

 Wallpaper: Gebran Tueni’s Oath Full size

A Human TV


Check out the video of this choreographed dance from Korea, Those people are great!! In Lebanon we can’t even stand in line and they are able to do that!!

Korean Dance Human TV

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